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Music Video: The Heart and Soul of Music Industry

Isn�t great to see your favorite artist doing their performance live? Watching your favorite artist singing in the video can make you sing along with them.

Almost 80 percent of the song in United States has a particular video. The music video makes the artist popular and the song as well. In normal ways, the song or video production includes supplementary visual images.

Most of the newest music video is shown using television. There are also some videos recorded images sold in stores. Nowadays, the music videos are stored in a video compact disk or DVD.  

The history of music video

During the year of 1960�s and 1970�s, the rock alternative band like the famous British group �The Beatles� produced several forms of �song films�. Unfortunately, the people do not have enough opportunity to see those things.

However, during the later part of 1970s when rock music is at the top of music chart, the �rock and roll� musicians began to use music videos. Using the music videos is very influential. Most of the artist during that time used it for promoting their music records.

As the time passes, music videos are dramatically introduced in television airwave. In the year 1980, Music Television (MTV) introduced the development of music video channels.

In the year 1982, most of the music videos gained reputation and character. With just a short expand of moment, majority of the song artists are recognizing that each music video have the capacity to attract more audiences.

Music video was also become a channel in releasing new artists along with their new recordings. The broadcasting industry of most music videos has extended rapidly. Most of the videos even include different type of music genre. Aside from that, music videos have also a wide collection of music coming from any parts of the world. 

On the other hand, there are some television networks have limits when it comes to music video programming.

The approach of the music videos varies greatly depending on the sort of music. Most of the artists have fashioned out the world of music videos.

Some of the musicians have extravagant music videos like sets, costumes, special effects and sometimes back up dancers. Some musicians have plain arrangement in their music. Many musicians discharge many music videos. Most of the music video continues to link by enduring themes and other story lines.  

Music video plays a significant character in shaping public awareness regarding the lifestyle of musicians. By using of editing and unusual effects the artists manages to define essentials of music videos.   

The techniques of music videos have strappingly influenced advertising, motion pictures and some television shows.

The contemporary period of Music video

The answer to innovation in the development of contemporary was inflicted greatly of editing process and special effects. 

Chroma-key is one of the developments of modern music video. It affects primarily on video editing.  The new wave category of music uses a high quality videotape color recorders. Some types of musicians use promotional videos. 

The new age videos are often quick and rapid. Aside from that, the information technology also influences the music videos. The innovation in technology makes the music video more artistic.

Music video indeed influenced the music industry as a whole. The artist should maintain clean setting in order not to exploit the world of music video.


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