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Underneath the Music Lyrics

Music lyrics are the heart and soul of the song. Without it the song will be empty. It adds value and sense to the listener. Can music exist without lyrics? Of course it can, but music lyrics enhances the emotions and reaches out to more people with the message the composer wants to impart.

Some experts disclose that music lyrics should have a particular pattern. More often than that, the lyrics of the music must replicate the culture and emotions of the lyricist. It also reflects the characteristic of the person. Each musician has their own way of writing lyrics.

Like a language, lyrics are the best way to express the feelings of the musicians. By using it, the musicians can communicate with its audience.

The structure of the music lyrics is not always perceptible to the average listener. Valuable lyrics must have a lot of framework consideration. The lyrics have much type of forms, beat and standards. The type depends on the forms of songwriting. 

At the present situation, there has been trouble with those people who tried to post and steal things from the net. There are many music lyrics that have been affected widely.

There are many incorrect assumptions about lyrics system. Most of the people think that it is a public property. They do not know that it is protected by copyright laws. A copyright protects the artist, publisher and writer from any forms of unauthorized publishing of his work counting music lyrics.

Always remember that, music lyrics are a private property. Any unauthorized publications will be punishable by law. Fortunately, if the artist wants to copyright the lyrics, there are many rules and regulations.

Here are the steps on how to copyright music lyrics.

� Write the lyrics and put it in a substantial form. It can be written out on a piece of paper, computer disk, sheet of music piece, audiotape or any other form. Remember that ideal lyrics must be tangible.

� In United States, the copyright law was promulgated last April 1, 1989. The lyrics that will be published must be recognized carefully. The lyrics has been written after that year, then it is assumed protected by copyright law. If the copyright music lyric has not been prearranged with someone else it will be considered illegal. 

� As much as possible, register the music lyric with the United Sates Copyright Office. By doing this, the publisher can easily collect recognition on how the music lyric has been composed and arranged. The office will also provide the appropriate clearance certificate and public notice.  

� To register the music lyrics, it would be a good idea to use the U.S. Copyright Offices form. By doing this, the office will determine which song were registered published and unpublished sound recordings.

� Pay the necessary fees and registration. Expect this at most times.

�  Always make sure to include a copyright notice at the later part of the work. Aside from that, include also the author�s name, year of the publications, and the name of arranger.

� In registering the music lyrics, it would be great to use a registered software. The software for music lyrics has an audio option. Not only that, this software can also provide the music lyrics and storage room. The software will also help for possible matches and future easy access.

Music lyrics at all times should be original. It should be reproduced in an artful arrangement across the time.  It should define the soul of the artist.


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