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Enjoying Madonna�s Music

Do you remember when you young and you feel like dancing whenever you hear the song �like a virgin� or get into the groove to the song �holiday�? Do you recognize who sung these songs?

Yes, you are right, it�s Madonna. Who among you do not know who Madonna is?

Everybody else knows who Madonna is. Madonna is one among the most famous pop superstar of 1980�s until now. Her real name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone.

She is an American singer, dancer, songwriter, producer, actress and an author. Her famous songs like Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin, were just two among the best and successful songs in 1980�s.

In 1990�s, she also made famous songs like Vogue, Take a Bow, and Frozen. The year 2000 is also captivated with her music like, Die Another Day, which was the theme song and was named after a James Bond Movie.

She also has a song called �Hung up� which was adopted from the song of the ABBA.  She is also known for her very innovative music videos and different type of music. She was even referred to as the �Queen of Pop�.

The Guinness Book of World Record has regarded Madonna as the most successful female recording artist of all time. She has sold over 120 million records as reported in the press release in 2005.

Warner Brothers have declared that Madonna has made sales over 200 million albums. Aside from the numerous amounts of music awards and achieving twelve number 1 hits she has produces 36 top ten hits of the United States.

Her music made a great impact to the listeners around the world. The fact that she has established a famous name on the music industry and has stayed in business over twenty years, Madonna has truly achieved success in the entertainment business.

Her songs are heard over radio airplays. Her song continuously entertains the people who love her different type of songs. Her songs are just one among the most requested song over the radio.

Madonna�s music truly gives a different kind of entertainment. Through the years, she has given success to the music industry.

She is also famous because of her unique music videos. You will recognize her even changing her image because of her signature dances. Her music videos have gathered so many awards like her �Frozen� music videos that governed many awards both local and international. She was even labeled as the artist of the millennium by the MTV.

Many online websites play Madonna�s songs. You can even download her songs with internet protocol. You can choose from wide selection of her song including her classic songs from the 80�s. You just have to visit a reputable website to download her song in real time.

Some websites even offers free Madonna�s music download. You can download her songs without paying any amount.

Most of these free downloads are what you call streaming music, when you can only play the songs but you cannot transfer it to other forms like burning it of copying it to your MP3.

Make sure that you only download her songs and never the malicious wares that some of these websites gives. Beware of some frauds, which is why you have to choose a website with good reputation.

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